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WVDT Youth Leadership Ambassador Program


WVDT Youth Leadership Ambassador Program (YLAP) 

The WVDT YLAP aims to equip students with the skills and qualities needed for leadership in the studio and the community by providing hands-on experience and real-life opportunities to learn, grow, develop, and perfect abilities. YLAP will have three levels for students to progress during their dance career at WVDT: Ambassador, Assistant, and Apprentice.

Level 1: Ambassadors

  • at least 10 years old or 5th Grade

  • enrolled in at least 1 dance class

  • at least 1 year of dance experience

Ambassadors are dancers who are looking for opportunities to serve behind the scenes at WVDT and out in the community.  Responsibilities will include but are not limited to tidying bathrooms and studios before and after classes, cleaning up dressing rooms at WVDT rehearsals and the recital, being a leader amongst peers and younger dancers, helping to enforce rules of respect and proper attire during class, and representing the values of WVDT out in the community. Ambassadors will be expected to attend WVDT events including the Christmas party and workshops as well as special community events in which WVDT participates including the Founders Day Parade, FAME Festival, First Fridays, and other special community events as they arise. Attendance at class, proper attire, respect for teachers, and love of dance will be taken into consideration in selection. 

Level 2: Assistant (only 2-3 dancers will be selected)

  • at least 13 years old or 7th Grade

  • enrolled in at least 2 dance classes

  • at least 3 years of dance experience


Assistants are dancers who are looking for more visible ways to serve at WVDT.  Responsibilities will include but are not limited to all Ambassador responsibilities, sorting and organizing costumes, writing thank you notes to program sponsors, and assisting instructors before, during, and after classes for younger dancers. Assistants will have the opportunity to be assigned to a specific class of younger dancers at the beginning of the year and will be expected to assist the instructor for the duration of the year. Duties and schedules will be assigned based on who is selected and their own dance schedule. They will assist with classroom management, bathroom breaks, exercises and combinations during class, and assist with costume sizing and uniform fittings.

Level 3: Apprentice (only 2-3 dancers will be selected)

  • at least 16 years old or 10th Grade 

  • enrolled in at least 3 dance classes

  • at least 4 years of dance experience

  • must have been an Assistant for at least 1 year (except this first year)


The Apprentice program is geared toward dancers who are interested in pursuing a career in dance or dance education. Dancers interested in this program must submit two recommendation letters: one from a WVDT instructor and a second by someone outside of WVDT (teacher, coach, pastor, etc.). Responsibilities will include but are not limited to all Ambassador and Assistant responsibilities, assisting the Creative Director with choreography, substituting for instructors on a last-minute notice, assisting with marketing, the newsletter, and pictures for the studio, writing thank you notes to program sponsors, and providing administrative support to the WVDT board and director as assigned. 


If you know a dancer who fits one of these descriptions, or if you are one yourself, we encourage you to apply for this unique opportunity. Applications are now open and can be found by clicking the button below. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.


We believe that investing in the next generation of dance leaders is essential for the growth and appreciation of dance and the arts in our community. We're excited to see the impact that our Young Leaders will make, both within our organization and in the wider dance community.


If you have questions, please contact Sarah Whybrew and Hannah Cattin by emailing

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