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New Families

Where do I drop off my dancer? Can I stay and watch? 

  • Dancers can be dropped off in front of the studio on Canal Street or at the back door in the alley between Canal and Market Streets. If you are picking up your dancer in the alley, and your dancer is not at the door waiting for you, we ask you to continually circle to keep the line moving.

What will my dancer need for class?

  • Every class is different. Please refer to the dress code page on our website or our handbook.

How do I submit an absence?

  • Please do not email or call with standard absences for illness or sport conflicts. Please use the Absence Reporting feature on the parent portal. See here for instructions.

What is Junior and Senior Company? How can my dancer work toward these classes?

  • Junior Company dancers is by invitation only and is for dancers who have taken at least 4 years of ballet, 1 year of pointe foundations, and 1 year of jazz or lyrical. It is expected for dancers who elect to take junior company (consisting of pointe and ballet), to be concurrently enrolled in a jazz or lyrical class should they wish to audition for Senior Company.

  • Dancers must audition to be in the Senior Company. Dancers are welcome to audition as rising 9th graders unless invited to audition as an 8th grader. Company dancers must have taken at least 5 years of ballet, 2 years of pointe, and 2 years of jazz or lyrical. 

It is highly recommended for dancers to enroll in ballet at a young age and stay enrolled in ballet throughout their dance careers to best prepare for Company.

Can my dancer enroll mid-year?


How do recitals work for WVDT?

  • Wabash Valley Dance Theater has three recitals each year, but not all classes perform in each recital.

    • The Christmas recital typically takes place the first Sunday of December in Honeywell's Ford Theater and is for all ballet classes (Ballet A-E,  Combo A, Combo B, Junior Company, Senior Company, Tap C, Tap D, Hip Hop C, Jazz C, Lyrical C, and Modern. 

    • There is another short Christmas performance for our Mommy & Me and Creative dancers at Eagles Theater the following Sunday. In 2023, this performance will take place Sunday, December 10th at 1:00 p.m. This recital is to help our youngest dancers build confidence on stage before they perform on the Ford Theater stage in May. Costumes will be provided for this performance at no charge.

    • The final recital is the 2nd Friday in May...this year, May 10th at 7:00 p.m. This performance showcases ALL classes. 

Tuition & Costume Fees

When is tuition due?

  • Tuition is charged automatically on the first of each month. By default, all families are charged monthly. If you prefer to pay all up front, please select "full season" in the billing section of your portal. Full season charges must be entered manually, so please allow time for the director to change the amount.

What is the fee per month?

  • Tuition for one class is $30/month. There is a 10% discount for the 2nd and 3rd class.  Tuition cost is based upon the entire season (September - May) and is broken into 9 monthly installments. Tuition is not based upon how many weeks are in a month or how many times a class is held each month as some may be cancelled for inclement weather.


Are there other fees?

  • There is one $25 registration fee per family annually. There are also costume fees. Costumes are typically between $55-$60 each. 

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