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Dress Code

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 Ballet and Pointe 

All dancers must wear jazz shoes and form-fitted clothing, such as leggings, knee-length leggings, or tights. It is preferable that leggings are black or a neutral color. No shorts, sweats, or sweatshirts. Jazz shoes should be tan, unless the instructor says otherwise. 


*Company members should have both black and tan jazz shoes.

For ballet and pointe, dancers must wear pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes, and a leotard. It is highly recommended to have at least one black leotard, and for Company members, a black leotard is mandatory. 

For pointe, shoes must be properly fitted, and it is strongly recommended to get them fitted at a store and to not order shoes online. 

 Lyrical and Modern 

All dancers must wear footies and form-fitted clothing, such as leggings or tights, and fitted shirts, camisoles, or leotards. No shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, or sweatshirts.

All dancers (except for Creative Ballet/Tap and Tap/Jazz Combo - grades Pre-K through 2nd) must wear black tap shoes and form-fitted clothing such as leggings or tights with spandex and fitted shirts, camisoles, or leotards.

Students in the Creative and Combo classes shall have tan tap shoes that are either velcro or buckled.

No ties please! 

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 Hip Hop 
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Dancers should not wear baggy clothing, like sweats and sweatshirts, or street shoes. Shorts, leggings, and jogger style sweat pants are acceptable. Flat shoes, such as Converse or Vans are required.

Ballet buns for all dance rehearsals and recitals should be tightly secured and located high on the head. Strands of loose hair should not be present and should be secured with bobby pins if not long enough to fit in bun. Hair color should be natural. 

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 Recital Hair 
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